The 3 Domains of MU Graduates Core Competencies (Version: Sep. 19, 2016)




Cognitive Domain 1. Core Knowledge Mastery of core content
2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Think critically & Reason effectively: analyze, synthesize, evaluate information and ideas from multiple perspectives
Making judgements & decision: making correct analysis, inferences, and evaluations
3. Information, media & technology skills ICT literacy: Find, evaluate, and ethically use information using appropriate technology
4. Process management skills Ability to apply concept of process management.
5. Creativity & Innovation Thinking creatively: use thinking strategies to create new ideas
Implement innovation
Interpersonal Domain 1. Communication & Collaboration

Communicate effectively:

·       Competence in oral, visual, and written language

·       Competence in a second language

Collaborate with others
Work with teams
2. Leadership, integrity & ethics Guide and lead others
Apply principles of ethical leadership, collaborative engagement, and respect diversity.
3. Responsibility Be responsible to others
Exhibit responsible citizenship

4. Social awareness

4.1 Empathy for people in diverse circumstances

1. Understanding of the interrelated ness of people, institutions, and systems

2. Altruistic value

4.2 Social & cross cultural skills

1. Interact effectively with others

2. Work effectively in diverse teams

Intrapersonal Domain 1. Intrinsic motivation Manage goals & time
Work independently
Be self-directed learners
2. Learning how to learn Ability to do metacognitive skills
3. Acting autonomously within context of self value, relationships to others, law, rules, codes, etc. Function well in different spheres of life and including the workplace, family and social life
Social responsibility & sustainability


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